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Our team simplifies the complex so you don't have to. 

Molded Part Extraction Robot

The team at simplified automation developed cell layout, designed tooling, programmed, and integrated these robots for molding machine extraction. Whether it is a stationary mounted Robot, or mounted on a Rail Transfer Unit we have experience with solutions which meet your needs. 

Steel Component Feed

The team at simplified automation designed, prototyped, and built this custom machine to feed multiple size bars into a robotic cell. Each stack can be a different size and the stack the feeder is receiving bars from can change during operation allowing up to 4 different sized bars to be fed from the same component feeder! This machine is currently in the process of being integrated into a 2 robot cell for wall assembly. Stay tuned for new videos of the robotic cell in action! 

Cabinet Assembly Cell

From tooling on the extraction Cells, to part transportation conveyors, and system stops. This cell was designed and installed to place drawers into the cabinet so the labor shortage didn't effect production. This two robot system loads cabinets with drawers automatically.  

Automatic Tool Changes

For times when the tooling is complex, heavy, or your facility just wants to avoid expensive human error. Our team is well versed in automatic tool changes and can help your business make the most of the equipment you purchase! 

Complex Part Assembly

Our team loves working with complex part assemblies. Many companies avoid automating their process because it seems too complex or difficult to automate. We love the new challenges each project brings. This cell assembles a bin wall using custom designed part feeders which work in harmony with the systems robotics. At installation this system will work handshake with 2 additional robots and 2 more machines to fully seal the wall shut. The wall will be assembled into the bin with no human interaction in the assembly process, driving up the quality of the part and decreasing the cost of production. 

Hot Plate Welder Rebuild

When we had the opportunity to do a complete mechanical & controls rebuild on this hot plate welder we jumped at it! First we dis-assembled the entire machine. Discarded the old worn out hydraulics & controls, had the frame sent out for cleaning, painting, and any necessary re-work. Then we refitted the new machine with a new controls package complete with servo driven axis to cut down on maintenance & cycle time. The result we will let speak for itself. 

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