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Design Solutions

Sometimes the most critical part of a successful automation project is the component feeding mechanisms. Whether its orientation, space constraints, or speed we can provide the solution for you. 

Steel Component Feed

The team at simplified automation designed, prototyped, and built this custom machine to feed multiple size steel bars into a robotic cell. Each stack can be a different size and the stack the feeder is receiving bars from can change during operation allowing up to 4 different sized bars to be fed from the same component feeder! 

Robotic End Of Arm Tools

We specialize in a variety of end of arm tool design & fabrication. Whether the goal is to reduce number of tools, increase reliability of pick & place, reduction of  tool weight, or  reduction of tool changes our team can help you find the perfect cross of form & function. 

Bracket Dispenser

The machine to the left was designed to dispense brackets for assembly of large plastic walls. Each dispenser holds over 2 hours of production components and is easily manually, or automatically reloaded. 

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